Star Gift Set: A Winter's Tale
Star Gift Set: Travel Candle Collection

Star Gift Set

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The holidays just wouldn't be complete without our iconic Star Gift Sets. Choose from two different sizes: A Winter's Tale, a single candle gift set containing our seasonal scented candle A Winter's Tale or the Travel Candle Collection, a three candle gift set containing A Winter's Tale along with Garden of Eden and British Expedition.

Both gift sets are presented in our beautiful Star Gift Set boxes and all our scented candles are wrapped in beautiful textured glass. Charles Farris candles are hand-poured in England for a slow, even burn, and made using only the highest quality ingredients.
Details & Notes
A Winter's Tale Gift Set
1 × 80 g scented candle
A Winter's Tale
Orange zest, cinnamon, clove
Travel Candle Collection Gift Set
3 × 80 g scented candles
A Winter's Tale
Orange zest, cinnamon, clove
British Expedition
Apple, citrus, ginger, spearmint, lemon, green leaves, eucalyptus, jasmine, pine, clove, spices, tobacco
Garden of Eden
Orange, coconut, muguet, citrus, jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, clove